The Heartbeat of a Pharmacy in Richmond Va.

It is believed that Lafayette Pharmacy was a part of the first chain of drugstores in Richmond called Lafayette Pharmacies.

Former Locations of the Lafayette Pharmacies Chain:

Patterson – Beverly Hills Shopping Center
Horsepen – Crestview Shopping Center
Staples Mill – Suburban Shopping Center
Libby and Patterson

All billed as 5 modern pharmacies with 12 excellent pharmacists.

Mel Fitzgerald (native of Danville and graduate of University of Georgia pharmacy school) bought Lafayette Pharmacy on March 1, 1986.

Lafayette, to this day, is still owned by Mel. Everyday you will actually see him filling your prescriptions.

During the years, Mel came up with the idea of Right Dose (RT • Dose).
In October of 1989 the name RT • Dose became a copyright.

RT • Dose was part of the events that would revolutionize how the elderly took their medication.

Epic-Pharmacies-Network-Lafayette-Richmond20 years ago Lafayette became a partner in the EPIC Pharmacies (a network of independently owned pharmacies dedicated to being your neighborhood pharmacy).